Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tagging your rulebook

What an organized man. JD Wiker (who wrote and contributed to lots of Star Wars d20 products) demonstrates on his blog the cool system he uses to put tabs in the rulebook to save time when trying to look up a frequently-referenced rule.

I do something similar, using Post-It Flags that my wife found for me. (She supports my gaming, and I support her scrapbooking. What a team!) But I've just been using them to temporarily mark a few pages for the current or upcoming game session, like the page for battle droid stats, or force powers. JD takes it to the next level, with more permanent tabs.

If I were going to do this, I'd probably go with Post-It Flags (or something similar) rather than the small size Post-It Notes. The Flags are smaller, and the part that sticks to the page is transparent. It's also easy to remove them without damaging a page (not that I've had any page damage from a standard Post-It).

Post-It Flags
Another useful item (thought I haven't tried it) is the Post-It Arrow Flags, which could be cool for marking a particular passage in a book.


Anonymous said...

The reason I used the larger sizes on the Saga Edition rulebook is the book's odd size. The farther out the Post-Its stick, the more likely they are to be bent double (and thus become useless) during storage.


Keith said...

Good point, JD. I keep forgetting to consider that I have to put the book back on the shelf at some point!