Thursday, January 31, 2008

Star Wars RPG podcast: Order 66

The first Star Wars RPG-related podcast is now available. The Order 66 podcast (a production of d20 Radio) promises to "provide a lighter look into the Star Wars Galaxy as it relates to the d20 Saga Edition."

In Episode 1 of the podcast, GM Dave and GM Chris give us an introduction, set the tone, and show us their unique brand of humor.

In Episode 2, Dave and Chris cover the Jedi class in depth. This episode has lots of cool tips, including a thorough discussion of the value of giving your Jedi another class at level 1 rather than Jedi. Also, the guys increase the content-to-humor ratio, which I (and some people in their forums) believe is an improvement.

In Episode 3, our hosts discuss the noble class, as well as noncombat encounters.

Dave and Chris are shooting for a new episode each Monday, so keep checking their site for updates. (I'll try to tell you about them here, too.)

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